Quiet times

Things have really cooled off around here. Profits are wayyyy down… there is talk of cutbacks.


The roller skating party was already cancelled, who knows what’s next. …I saw Ancient Greek at the grocery store last week, I could tell he hadn’t slept the night before… and he smelled like piss. Word from the home office is that they may sell the site to a wealthy Japanese bitmap artist. The deal would probably fall through if they knew this site was infested with roaches.


What’s up with the GE? I just don’t get the whole marketing campaign thingy they have going on where a dude is like, “I work for GE” and his friends are like, “I thought you said you were a computer programmer”.. and the dude is like “GE does more than make shit, blahblahblablah”… like… I get that they are trying to expand their brand perception or whatever to be technical or technological as well as… manufacture-y? …but… I dunno. What the hell am I even talking about? Why do I give a shit? Why am I writing a blog post about it? I think I’ll play Farcry.

guess what

i was reading Amelia Bedelia tonight and thinking to myself that i should write a children’s book. i should. everyone should. everyone should do everything. should everyone? should i? shoo-dye. shoodye. bood .odbo.

i’ve been playing farcry 3 and listening to spotify and surfin’ the web and constructing strange personal narratives.

today. this day. this particular day that today is the day that today is the day of… today has been a pretty good day on the whole. it’s a friday and i think things are sort of slanted in friday’s favor and i think we can all agree that is because of tgi friday’s. fridays kind of sucked balls for awhile there. people called it “a poor man’s saturday” and “thursday’s bitch.” then tgi friday’s was invented by Thomas Gandalf Indian Friday in a moldy basement 13 miles outside of Louisville, Kentucky and the rest is history. stupid made-up bullshit history.

yeah…today was a pretty good day though.

Paranoia and letting the dogs out

Letting the dogs out too many times and you find paranoia has returned with your pup.

So I got this guy, a new bud, that starts to ask about bud and my neck hair begins to rise. A promising lead and a door opens but I fear the dark room inside. I walk through and find myself beside myself wondering what is real and what is my mind’s reflection; reflections of rainbows and demons that no god or devil beyond my ego knows.

I connect dots with unfathomable speed,  I connect dots to find the wizard, I look behind the curtain, I connect invisible dots to find the invisible monster. The invisible monster is the size of my mind’s eye. A new bud wants to help. A new bud opens a door. Inside is an image with a man’s phone nunber. Only a first name. Keith. There is also a girl’s full name towards the bottom. I am to call the one-named man with reference of two-named girl.

Who are these people? How have I traveled such a path as to lead to this. Why would a new bud want to help. Who does he work for and why would he set me up? Only the vilest evil could come up with such a scheme. But once again it’s him or me. Who is the mastermind behind this mystery? Could it be so simple that a new friend only wants to be friendly? Could I just be a bit paranoid?


You need an account to comment for now. It was the laziest way to fight off the robots.

Robots, if you can hear me… … y u do dis? Everyone here has always been pro-robot. We let you guys come in here and participate and you go and blow your load all over the third post you see… psshh… I thought you robots were better than that.